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My Services

  • Articles and Papers

    Basic copy editing, assessing punctuation, syntax, and content, according to Chicago, MLA, or another style guide.

  • Copy Editing

    Fixing every comma splice and smoothing awkward sentences without making major content changes.

  • Substantive Editing

    Carefully reviewing all aspects of the book, from major plot holes to the tiniest misplaced apostrophe.

  • Content Critique

    A detailed critique of plot, characters, grammar, and style, giving you the tools to continue developing your story.

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Update: I am no longer accepting new clients, as I am working full time as an Associate Editor at Corwin Press. However, I highly recommend the editors at Tough Love Edits. You can email them…

About Me

A southern California girl born and raised, I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband, Andrew. My love for reading began as a child: each morning my mom found me waiting on the couch with a book to read together. Since then, I have made it my life's mission to read and share wonderful stories with others. At the heart of my passion for reading is a delight in learning and discovering, which is why I also love to travel, write, sing, and play the piano. My favorite place to read is in a coffee shop, where I can enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee and the background noise creates a gentle soundtrack to the book. Above all else, I am a daughter of Christ, blessed beyond measure.

About Me

Every author needs an editor.


Ariel’s work on The Mercy Seat was phenomenal. She not only pointed me toward the weaknesses in my manuscript, but also identified my strengths and coached me on how to form them. She has an excellent eye for detail as well. She is the type of editor that takes each manuscript and helps turn it into the masterpiece the writer envisioned it to be!

~Alvetta Rolle, The Mercy Seat

When Ariel reworked my proposal I felt confident that I was in excellent hands. With skill and precision she offered encouragement and tactfully made suggestions where needed. With her gifting she was able to finesse my work and help me produce something professional and clean that I was very pleased with.

~Elaini Garfield,

When Ariel worked on my thesis, she not only caught many grammar mistakes and misspelled words, but drew my attention to strategies that helped me become a stronger and more concise writer. Her love of the English language combined with her fun sense of humor made the process enjoyable. Ariel is competent in her craft and a joy to work with.

~Mark Montgomery

My Philosophy

My goal as an editor is simple: to bridge the gap between author and reader.

I see myself as the representative of your reader. It is my job to help you communicate your message to the reader as clearly as possible. Your voice is of great value to me and I seek to preserve it in every way. I can’t write your story for you, and I don’t want to. Rather, I delight in brainstorming with you to find solutions to the problems you and your characters face. Nothing makes me happier than when you arrive at an “aha” moment that completes your story.

As regards the nitpicky details of editing, I believe that if I simply fix all of your comma splices and dangling participles, smooth out some rough transitions, and change up syntax as I see fit, you will not have gained anything from my edit. Your manuscript may look prettier, but you will not have grown as a writer. Instead, I try to always explain why I make changes so that you will understand how your reader perceives your message.

Every project I have is an act of collaboration. I am here to support you and encourage you.